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English Inventory

  1. Why may I quote someone directly rather than summarize them? 

It is better to cite to not switch up the meaning of what that person was saying.

  • What is the difference between using quotations and using italics in citation? 

Quotation is for like an article and italics is like the entire book 

  • What is the first thing you need to know about a source?

Authors whole name 

  • Where might you go to get help with how to cite something.

Perdue owl, library, teacher, Easy bib/ citation machine

  • What are the three things that each annotation should include?

Author, title, date, sometimes journals/numbers 

Citation, summary, evaluation 

  • What is something you remember that is not on this quiz?

Blog 8.5

Review of above answers: 

 -Caleb jones explains that people who do not go into nature are “cowardly.” Although the word cowardly is too strong here, I do think we all could use more nature. 

– In the work cited entries OR in the text itself, small stuff = “quotations”, large= italics 

-the first thing you need to know about a source is the first AND last names of the authors 

The first time you intro an author, you’re. going to use their full name. After that, use their last name. 

Given a topic in January – the apocalyptic event

Narrow this topic- health care in the apocalypse 


In high school you have your thesis first, and then you look up sources that support that.


Extreme tourism- my topic

I do my research and read different types of source and THEN—

Hypothesis: Using extreme tourism to become famous online is an insult to the people who have survived the disaster. 

Thesis:  In this project a set of Instagram photos I found online illustrated my main point: that extreme tourism, especially done right after the event, is disrespectful to the survivor 

10 sources: 5 should be from scholarly journals and 5 can be online

Use pop culture texts. 

 Topic: grieving after a disaster/ setting up services 

 On my first few pages I want to share examples from the movies. One place many fans grieved alongside their characters was in the film Avengers: infinity war.This film features a group of heroes who try to stop the evil Tahnos from destroying half of humankind. In the conclusion of this film, most viewers were heartbroken when they saw iron man holding Spiderman, who disappeared into ash. Likewise, Capt. America sank to his knees to see his best friend vanish before his eyes. These moments might be similar to ones we have experienced I disasters. 

Chernobyl diaries observation: 

The nature looks dead and the fish was mutated 

Chernobyl diaries. Directed by Brad Parker, performance by ___and____, 2012, amazon prime, [link]

 This films shows what happens to a group of young adults who travel to Chernobyl. The horror comes when they are stranded on site and begin to face terrors within the buildings. Although there are many predictable moments, I found the shot of the scenery most helpful to my upcoming research. The presence of a couple taking photos also gave me good ideas about what to write. 

Hw. Two pop culture forms to annotate and cite and to summarize and evaluate. 


Blog 8

Saunders, W.B. “The American Journal of Emergency Medicine.” Vol 26 Iss. 1, Jan 2008, pp 71-80

This author is describing how healthcare facilities should be prepared for any types of exposure to radiation. She is claiming that healthcare facilities are not well prepared to deal with contamination scenarios and should be thoroughly trained.

ET. Al. Wagner, Robert. “Treatment of Radiation Exposure and Contamination.” Vol 14 no. 2, Scientific Exhibit, March 1994, pp 387-396

Even though this a very dated article the content is still relevant. The authors are giving instructions and critical ways to carefully treat exposed patients. The authors are also giving a very descriptive difference of patients being contaminated versus exposed.

disclaimer: my blog will not let me indent my citations so this is why there is no indention 🙂

blog 7.5

(base of blog 7, Joanna Wolfe article)

Make citation for this piece 

MLA 8 

Author’s Name (last , first)

Wolfe, Joana. “Rhetorical Numbers: A Case for Quantitative Writing in the Composition Classroom.” Vol 61 no 3, CCC, Feb 2010, pp 434-457

Ex of below-  The author talks about how quantitative writing is just as important as classical rhetorical analysis and how It should be taught in schools. She proposes new assignments and ways to train teachers for this purpose. Wolfe gives examples of where we see this in society and how important changing our teaching methods is. I found the sources relatable due to the stories about the grocery store and the pregnant lady.  

After citation write 1-2 sentence summery 

1stsentence is the thesis 

2ndsentence explains HOW the person achieves the thesis/what they do 

Evaluate the sources for relevance, purpose, and currency (CRAAP – take out the author and accuracy part because of peer review) this part should be about 2-3 sentences 

(big sources use italics, smaller sources like articles use “ “)

Ex:  Thank You, Next= album 

            “7 Rings” = song  

Jones, Caleb. Camping Out. Auburn Montgomery Press, 2019. 

Outline ex from wolfe’s article 

  1. The State of the World
  2. Numbers are everywhere 
  3. People Assume numbers are always right or that they’re fake
  1. The problem to be fixed 
  2. Students are not taught about numbers and how persuasive they are 
  3. Teachers aren’t prepared to teach them
  1. The solution: most important section 
  2. To train teachers 
  3. To trains students


  1. State of things
  2. Percentage of tornadoes in southern states .
  3. History of tornadoes in Montgomery 
  1. Problems to be solved 
  2. Drills aren’t safe for schools
  3. New methods haven’t been used in many years
  1. Solution.

Solution shouldn’t be too big: Plant an entire farm, build a hospital, quarantine sick people, solve the government problem by setting up new ways, clean the streets Blog 8: find two sources for your project, put the mla info for them and summarize them

Blog 7

in Wolfe’s article, it is discussed that understanding and perceiving quantitative numbers in the English curriculum should be incorporated in our English classes today. Understanding quantitative expressions in todays writing should be students being able to identify when there is false data incorporated in someones argument/article, or how to understand the concepts when there is multiple ways to interpret what is at hand.

This article is considered a scholarly journal but it is one persons stand point on the views of quantitative expressions in writing, although she does quote others in her writing to back her standpoint up. Wolfe’s writing is relevant to our writing because I feel it should be incorporated in our writings. This article is current but could also have been proven or disproven since this was written in 2010. I feel Wolfe was accurate in her perspective because not only should math or sciences class should be teaching student how to read numbers but English should too. There are many articles that are composed of quantitative research statistics that students could interpret in the wrong way. She uses multiple quotes from well know authors to back up her own research.

Blog 6

Review from Feb.

email to the best friend 

topic: deals with Chernobyl and extreme tourism, write them and tell whether they should go or not.

Email: most agreed it was dangerous, you cited sources to back up with what you were saying. you were trying to find people who agreed with you. This is the method of grade school/high school 

Example from your major where you had to read from the databases on the AUM site: you were asked to disagree with an expert.

<insert your example here> example is below

We’ve had 2 examples- one where we agreed (Chernobyl) and one where we disagreed (article about your major) 

We’re starting to practice what’s called Binary thinking (remember exercise in class). We can’t believe that there are only two options. There is more.

From your book-

“refusing to spend time in nature is cowardly because it Is a significant part of our environment. We can’t ignore it.“

Although I believe that the word “cowardly” is a bit unfair, I do agree that Americans should spend more time outdoors. (ambivalent thinking)

Research is a conversation among different perspective. Rarely are those perspectives just a binary. 

Why did I quote Caleb Jones word for word? Why not summarize the source? 

 Group 6 Activity: 

Caleb Jones states in his book that “people who don’t camp couldn’t live in a situation if there were no power.” I genuinely disagree with this because I am good at making a fire. Just last week when we were in the thirty degree range outside I made a fire to keep my family from freezing. 

Blog 5

Cameron McCormick 

Dr. Howard 

English 1020-Apocalypse 

06 February 2019 

Exploration paper 

The world as we know it could be changed before our eyes. In today’s world there aremany technologically advancements where anyone or anything could be fake. There are people out there today faking to be someone they are not, just by a simple application on their phones. In today’s world of technology there is an app know as “deep fake.” Deep fake is where you are able to put any single person’s face and make them look like anyone you decide. This can be a concern in politics and even threaten the safety of people in the United States. I am sure you are wondering, “how can this be a safety concern?” Well, say there is a viral video of President Trump that has surfaced claiming he has declared war on North Korea. The leader of North Korea may see this video and may think it is actually president trump when it is actually some bored kid in the basement of his parent’s house. Korea has been known for their nuclear weapons pointed in the direction of the U.S. It only takes one thing to set someone off with the right powers to cause a catastrophic apocalyptic situation. Now is the time to prepare ourselves in the events of a nuclear disaster were to happen on the united states. Here in Montgomery Alabama it is vital we know where our strongest safe point would be, and what would we use to protect ourselves from radiation and predators who have survived the blast but have been heavily mutated from the fallout. Now is the time to prepare ourselves. 

I have been inspired by our class discussions from day one to do intensive research on nuclear weapons and fallout. These past weeks in class I have discovered that it is not okay to be the surface person of research. From the first day of class we have had mini lessons or activities where we have had to back up our decisions. We were required to choose a weapon when we had no bullets to use for survival. The reason behind these choices were not inclusive research but were a start on why we make these choices. Our blogs have been our starting points in research because we have been asked to find answers to questions that have been asked in class, but we could not just use our first hit when searching on google. We had to find multiple sites to back up what we have found. A technique that could be used in this situation is the iceberg technique. The iceberg is technique is where you start at a trust worthy source, but then you check that source’s sources then then the sources of that source all the way down until you get to the root of what you are looking for. A big factor in finding sources is whether it is trustworthy or not. There are many ways to determine the trustworthiness of a site including the CRAAP test. Even without the CRAAP test you can decide by your own judgement. If a site looks weird by its URL address, does not include an about us page, or even the set up the page is unstructured these could be indicators to not trust this site. In class we discussed “fake news,” and deterring weather people could determine the difference between fake news or not. This has helped encourage my topic of people letting fake news get to them and the ending of our society as we know it. 

If a disaster were to occur in our town of Montgomery Alabama today, what would we do?  Where would people go? What would we do for basic needs? These are all questions that need to be answered. If the air was contaminated with radiation how would we get out of where ever our shelters should be to find a way to rebuild cavillation? Is there a way to clean the air? This is something that should be considered. Maybe now would be a good time to invest something that could be used in these situations. This is the time to start thinking about how to get clean and fresh air into our bodies free of fallout. Big buildings such as the RSA tower in downtown would not be a suitable place for a shelter because of how big it is, but if there were a sheltered and reinforced basement with clean air filtration, now that may be something to consider. A big question to be asked is how the medical field can be of use in this time of need. If a nursing major such as myself could possibly discover a way to free people of the radiation exposure in the air, maybe tons of lives could be saved.

To answer these questions will take time, effort, and some deep research about our town. Montgomery is not an underground city per say, so it should not be hard to find evidence to back up some of my claims. I would need to find details of the buildings of the county, and how the structures are supported. In class we have learned of many ways to discover ways to find research using google its self, google scholar, or even humans. When using google there are ways to narrow a search instead of getting over two million hits at a time. Using quotation marks or capital “AND” can narrow a search more than you think. Google scholar is where you can find published legit sites, articles, or even books that are from scholarly people. These scholarly findings have been peer reviewed, which means they have been looked over countless times to be determine whether these are factual and trustworthy. Being a student of AUM we have access to the same scholarly journals but for free. We have books in the library that can even be used. I would like to know how to find good primary sources to back me up when talking about the buildings and structures of Montgomery, or even how to access major works on google scholar. 

I plan to layout my upcoming paper somewhat as the syllabus has sated but more in detail of course. The start of my paper will be a rundown of the state of being in today’s society. I plan to cover the impact of technology and how it slowly but surely hurting the human population. I am expecting to cover the problems with the deep fake app and the problems that are coming with this app. Following the problems of technology, I plan to bring in the President Trump’s deep fake video that will lead to the destruction of the united states. I will have laid out, with research to back up, what needs to happen. Where people should go, what we should do for food and water supply, or liquid intake I should say. I want to introduce an invention that can somehow clean the air for human intake. To bring it all together, I want to talk about how bring civilization back to life and get the environment in a stable/livable state. 

As a writer we all of our strengths and weaknesses. I feel I am very poor at time management, but I also see it as a strength at the same time because I have done some of my best works under pressure. I have also discovered I struggle with connecting what I am trying to say in my head then putting it on paper. Once I get going on a paper and decide what to finally talk about, I feel good about what I am saying. 

At the end of the day I plan to have my research paper laid out with the intent of figuring out how to rebuild civilization from a catastrophe. With the right financial support, we could build machines that could filter the air for human use. When it comes down to it, it is time to start preparing for what is to come. With the rise of technology, and the rise of powers around the world there is no telling what the future holds. 

Blog 4

Dear Bestie Girl Girl,

I heard you were thinking about going on some wild trip to Chernobyl. Let me go ahead and fill you in on why this is not a good idea. Chris Leadbeater from The Telegraph has stated “They are told not to sit down, or touch items within this cordon..” this is a clear indicator that their are still rick factors of being in or around this place. there has even been evidence to prove that their is still radiation in the air. Also the restricted areas are where the main explosion had happened and that would be one of the best parts to look at so what would be the point in going? I seriously think you should look more into this place before doing something that could harm your health. I’ll leave a link at the bottom for you as well. Stay safe!!

Love yours truly, Cameron